Whatever we write about the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan will never get enough. She has power, confidence, beauty and elegance.

As Soha Ali Khan, the sister-in-law of Bebo marked her territory as an author during the launch of her book named ÔÇÿThe Perils of Being Moderately FamousÔÇÖ and the book launch event was attended by the whole family.

Well, the world is busy focusing on Soha’s book, we can’t take our eyes off from Kareena’s red wine hot look in which she is looking hot as fire.

However, Kareena talking to the media said she often don’t understand┬áconversations between Saif and his sister and said,┬áÔÇ£I have rarely been intimidated by anyone and this the media knows. But if thereÔÇÖs one person in the family I am completely in awe of, it is Soha. IÔÇÖm always a little nervous when I am having dinner with Saif and Soha, IÔÇÖm like, ÔÇÿOh my God I am never going to understand this conversation.”

Check How Kareena Kapoor stuns at Soha Ali Khan’s book launch:

#Our favourite Kareena is killing it again:

#She is sexy and she knows it

#She wore her confidence in her eyes

#She feels small and lame in front of Soha Ali Khan

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Kareena Kapoor Khan talked about her little munchkin said, ÔÇÿÔÇÖMy whole heart and mind is full of my son, and just pure love for my child. I never thought that I could have loved anyone more than my sister, my dad and my mom. But when I held Taimur in my arms for the first time, I donÔÇÖt think I loved before that.ÔÇÖÔÇÖ

And also Kareena talked about his birthday, ÔÇ£Well, itÔÇÖs going to be a family affair. ItÔÇÖs not going to be a big Bollywood party like how everyone sees it. ItÔÇÖs his first birthday and he should be with his family- his parents and his grandparents. ItÔÇÖs going to be a small intimate thing.ÔÇØ

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