Television stars and their glamours life have always been a dream-like scenario for the people and their fans. from their clothing to their personal life nothing can be hidden everything has to be discussed so their fans keep following them. Television serials and daily soaps have been the favorite of the middle-class watcher’s. Small-screen TV stars have a huge fan following same like the Bollywood legends.

We have been admiring the stars but they do admire each other have a crush on each other we have couples too. While this time it’s Aly Goni you know him as Romi from Yeh hai Mohabbetin┬áserial on Star Plus. He has been linked with his co-stars, including his Yeh Hai Mohabbatein co-star Krishna Mukherjee. All stars try keeping their personal life hidden from the media but Aly instead uses it.

Here are his tweets which made everyone curious.

We all use social media to share are thoughts so did Aly share his feelings as he used Twitter to confess something openly on social media. He tweeted that he wanted to confess something and then revealed slowly that he has a crush on a Tv star. This is one is not a joke or small day to day affair he has a serious crush on a cute little serial artist who has been on Television for a long while.

His unique way on Twitter expressing and confessing about his crush was the attraction. He had a series of post one after the other tweets did not load he maintained a curiosity and let people guess who is the girl. Jeniffer Winget remembers Dil mil Gaye’s Ridhima yes the cute girl who does not admire her. Aly has had a huge crush on him since the start.

Then he finally confesses and breaks the suspense.

We had always believed that there is a lot of competition in this generation stars of being the most famous in the Television industry but happily that’s not the truth. Her there is love friendship a good healthy relationship┬áand we surely have so many adorable couples happily married. ┬áAly has been very excited to reveal and has no such feeling of being in the gossips of everyone.

I will always have a crush FOREVER on Jennifer, says Aly.