Bollywood celebrities lead a wild life sometimes living in their Queen size manner. While many of the stars love indulging in drinking occasionally, these Bollywood stars say straight up no when it comes to alcohol. These actresses are a rare species, who prefer not to drink at any time. Take a look at 5 such stars in the B-Town, who say no to alcohol.

Parineeti Chopra ÔÇô The very talented and bubbly actress of tinsel town does not drink alcohol. Though her contemporaries indulge in alcohol, she stays away from it by choice. While she was a lot curvier in her early films, she has transformed herself and how! It is also notable that through strict discipline, she has undergone a complete change of physique! Her no-alcohol stance has also seemed to be an inspiration to her fans.

HD-Parineeti-Chopra-Wallpaper Top 5 Non-Alcoholic actress of Bollywood.

Deepika Padukone ÔÇô The slim and trim Deepika Padukone is one of the most famous teetotalers in Bollywood! The South Indian beauty considers her fitness and health to be the top priority and does this by not indulging in alcohol or smoking. She also is known to meditate and drink lots of green tea for that gorgeous flawless skin and radiant face. She swears by drinking a lot of water for clear skin. Well, if her pictures with boyfriend Ranveer Singh are any indication, not drinking has done her good.

deepika-padukone-in-red-saree-sari-wide Top 5 Non-Alcoholic actress of Bollywood.