The Jallikattu protests which made the entire world to turn and look towards Tamilnadu. The Youth power and People’s unity has once again proved to be successful. The government lifted the ban on Tamil people’s Traditional game Jallikattu and allowed to Conduct in Tamilnadu. The famous Alanganallur Jallikattu to be conducted on┬áFebruary 1┬áand it is expected that time viewership will be Higher than before. Other places are also planning to conduct Jallikattu soon. Many lakhs of people participated in this protest in several places, but finally, it ended with some violence.┬á┬á┬á The police’s behaviour created a big controversy and everyone strictly condemned it. Many people too got arrested due to this issue.

Simbu who ignited the issue and Created awareness among youths:

62170005200_kollywood-actor-simbu-protest-against-jallikattu-ban Simbu - The real hero who fought for Tamilans

Actor Simbu who will always raise his voice for any Tamilnadu issues has also given his support to this issue. His speech before the protest has motivated many Tamil youngsters to take part in the protest and to fight to save their culture. As he is a popular figure his speech has created an awareness to many who don’t have knowledge about Jallikattu and this issue. He even mentioned that he will not come to politics but he will surely voice out when any problem arises to Tamilnadu or Tamil people.

Simbu condemned the act of police and arresting the Youngsters:

1485680469-4306 Simbu - The real hero who fought for Tamilans

Simbu has now once again raised his voice against the act of police and he says that all protesters who were arrested for this issue to be Released immediately. He also says that his Residence was in T. Nagar, Chennai and the police may Arrest him but the police should leave the other protesters freely. He stated that other than some anti-national slogans shouted by some unknown persons, the protest took place peacefully and they won and it should be celebrated by everyone. In a big protest like these, we can’t avoid any political parties inside it and it is still unknown who are the persons involved in anti-national acts.

144 rule is unnecessary – says Simbu:

144 rule has been announced in Marina beach to avoid unlikely incidents. Simbu says that this is unnecessary and it should be taken out immediately. Youngsters are not responsible for any Violence and they should be Released immediately. He finally says that he will keep voicing out for Tamil people’s issues.

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