Rogue Movie Cast and Crew :
Director : Puri Jagannadh
Starring : Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki
Producer : C.R.Manohar
Music Director : Sunil Kashyap

Rogue the Recent Action Thriller movie of Tollywood directed by Puri jagannadh. This movie has been a bilingual movie released in Telugu and Kannada simultaneously. Let’s see how the movie is !!

Rogue-Telugu-Movie-Teaser-e1487703765347 Rogue Movie Review

Rogue Movie Plot and Review :

Rogue movie revolves around a poor daily wage worker ,who gets into the life of an girl accidentally and starts to love her. He will be sharing his story with the girl in order to save the girl from villain but the girl instead fall in his love. The villain will be chasing them and they will be hiding from them far away somewhere and finally gets a happy ending. The film has the trademark of Puri Jagannath and making it the most romantic journey. Puri Jagannath is famous for his dialogues which makes sense as soon as you listen. Ishaan has done good job in his introductory film and Mannara Chopra and Angela Krislinzki also entertain audience with their glamorous roles.Rogue is a romantic movie with a liberal dose of action. A boy apparently hates girls but, falls in love with Anjali. The movie has simple story but Puri jagannadh’s screenplay made the movie better.

Major Highlights in the Movie :
Perfomance of the lead actors
Songs visuals

Drawbacks in the movie :
Lagging Scenes
The story is Predictable

Watch trailer here:

Verdict: The scenes will entertain the Audience,but the outdated and Predictable story makes the film as Average flick.

Overall Bollyticket’s Rating : 5/10