Dora Movie Cast and Crew :
Director : Doss Ramasamy
Producer : A. Sarkunam, Hitesh Jhabak
Starring : Nayanthara, Harish Uthaman, Thambi Ramaiah
Music : Vivek Siva Mervin Solomon
Cinematography : Dinesh Krishnan
Editor : Gopi Krishna

New-stills-of-Nayanthara-from-Dora-Tamil-Movie-2 Nayanthara's Dora Movie Review

Nayanthara the Lady superstar has been back with another Horror flick Dora. Harish Uthaman, Thambi Ramiah has also been part of this film. This movie has been highly expected in Kollywood and letÔÇÖs see how the movie is !!

Dora Movie Plot and Review:

Nayanthara plays the role of Pavallakodi, A simple charming young girl in this film. She is the daughter of Thambi Ramiah who is a Taxi driver. Pavalakkodi and his father buy a vintage Austin Cambridge car called Dora, which is named after the film. Her attitude changes and she becomes a rebel when she gets her hands on a car which is possessed by a stubborn spirit. The remaining story revolves around the car. Nayanthara is one of the South Indian who prefers to act in Interesting women-centric films. Previously, She acted in female-oriented films like Nee Enge En Anbe and Maya. Nee Enge En Anbe fails to impress the audience, but Maya is successful at box office. Now, the highly talented and ever charming actress is back to entertain with ÔÇÿDoraÔÇÖ which already got the pre-release hype with its posters and trailer. ÔÇÿDoraÔÇÖ movie also marks as the debut of director Dass Ramasamy shows barely any promise in writing and instead focuses on cheap horror thrills to engage the audience. With barely even a scene that evokes interest; one wonders what motivated Nayanthara to accept the project in the first place, particularly after the success of Maya. Writing of the film has been a Major plus.

Watch Dora Sneak peek here :

Major Highlights in the film :
Good Concept
Nayanthara’s Perfomance
Mindblowing Bgm

Drawbacks in the film :
Few scenes lagging a bit
Second half has been dragged

Verdict : Nayanthara’s perfomance and Unique concept makes Dora a Decent film which will be a One time watchable for the audience.

Overall Bollyticket’s Rating : 6/10