Naam Shabana, the recent Spy action thriller on Bollywood and been running now on Screens. Let’s see how the movie is …


Almost every bollywood fan would have seen neeraj pandeyÔÇÖs ┬áindian spy movie ÔÇ£babyÔÇØ starred by akshay kumar in 2015 ,in this movie you would have seen a peer agent of akshay named shabana appearing in cameo where this two have performed some breathtaking action sequences.

This time drector shivam nair decided to potray the role of shabana in detail.Shabana(tappsee pannu)  who lives in mumbai leads a middle class life.she is a college student there;unlike other college students who are fun and party loving,shabana is a quite,simple girl with fierce attitude much because of her alcoholic father whom she accidentally murdered for abusing her mother in the she was sent to   juvinle correction facility in her childhood.this is the reason for her fierce attitude.

ShabanaÔÇÖs mom leads a friend like relation with her daughter .this shows the mindset of present day mothers.she goes to college ┬áwith her classmate jai-the guy who is crazily in love with shabana.she has 5 friends (priya,jai,seema,shoib and prashanth).Shabana along with priya practices judo .shabana emerges as best amongst the camp becomes the coachÔÇÖs favourite pupil.

Taapsee-Naam-Shabana-Movie-Press-Meet-Stills-05 Naam Shabana - Movie Review

After a long date with shabana, jai opens his love directly to shabana but she doesnÔÇÖt respond to him then.while she was returning to home that day ,she came by a group of 4 boys who stopped and started teasing shabana.shabana unlike other girls ends up in a fight and finally teaches the boys a lesson which turned out to be a game changing moment in her life.

Later on suddenly she gets a call from an unknown number(rajveer) and was offered to be a part of secret indian intelligence agency.the offer which she couldnÔÇÖt regret and decided to join in the agency.After joining she was assigined to kill the arms dealer potrayed by prithvi raj.Prithvi raj has done justice to the villain role with his evil looks and style.After she was assigned ,here comes ÔÇôsuper ,intenseive action sequences accompanied by akshay kumar helping shabana in critical situations.Akshays blistering action and dialogue in the cameo steals the show.

About the screen play,first half feels a bit slow but the second half is well compensated with fast paced  action and class of akshay.This is one kind of a movie that promotes women empowerment  in india.

Before going into the plot and review of this movie ,let me tell you why do you want to watch this movie;

First and foremost reason is mental and physical strengthness showed by shabana in this movie which every modern women should have in todayÔÇÖs dynamic society.

Secondly,akshayÔÇÖs cameo.And finally,if you are looking for a bond style thriller movie, then u must go for it as it doesnÔÇÖt disappoint you.


Lack of pace a bit.No proper Characterisation of Actors except the lead roles.



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