Reality shows are always funny and interesting. Similarly reality show like ┬á” MAA EXCHANGE” where you can easily assume the story line by its name itself. There are two extremely opposite family and mother of both families swapped┬áfor 8 days in each other’s house. First four days they understood the rule of a house and next four days given to them to make a new rule for the house. Pooja Bedi enters the house of a middle-class comedian Rajeev Nigam and Anuradha Nigam wife of Rajeev enters the house of Pooja Bedi. Pooja and Radha have to live with the new family and try to adjust and must feel comfortable with family┬ámembers.

Women personal domain is to cherish every moment to their lives with her loved ones and children and where they get care, love, devotion, and affection. Every woman wants her own dream home and personal space in the house where they can enjoy their own freedom. Pooja is a celebrity and she knew how to take the advantage of every situation and come into the limelight. And on the other hand, Radha who belongs to noncelebrity family always acted in a good way and try to build the faith of another family member on her.

img_7921 Mom can change the whole world!

Rajeev doesn’t like Pooja because she always takes whatever she┬áwants without thinking of any budget and lives luxurious┬álife and Pooja’s daughter harassed┬áby using abusing words to Radha. At Pooja’s house there is 3 maid who works and at Radha’s house, she is the only one who does all work. ┬áBack to Pooja, she jots down rules and the Rajeev is not accepting them but after all, he has no choice. Radha cries every day as the servant also humiliates a lot and rest of the family member of both houses seems to enjoy. Kabir Bedi who unwillingly come down to eat his meal.┬áOne can imagine the upbringing of upper-class people and middle-class people.

Surekha-Sikri-as-Sutradhar-of-Maa-Exchange-along-with-the-first-week-contestants-Pooja-Bedi-Family-with-Rajiv-Nigam-Family Mom can change the whole world!

One can imagine the upbringing of upper-class people and middle-class people.This show really opens the eyes of people and show the reality that how it is difficult to stay at someone’s place even for 8 days which is considered as a ┬ávery short span of time.┬áBut in the end, everything goes well. Both are happy while returning their home and every woman has her own way to handle the things which she both proved well.

Happy Family! Happy Life!