Broken hearts, mended relationships and howsoever bad or good your Valentine Day might have been, the video by students of IIT Roorkee is going to put you on a positive note. Personally, no one would have known this side a student whose studying in prestigious college as IIT. The nerd next door has finally ringed your bell to start the real party, that is the feeling we get after watching a bunch of optimistic students showing us their moves and tactics to woo a lady.

maxresdefault IIT Roorkee students move us with their moves

Gathering┬ácourage to approach the lady, they go ahead and kneel down.┬á As the get rejected, they show us it isn’t┬áa bad thing to be rejected. They get up and stand on their feet just in time to find their heart flutter to another lady.

The fun and frolic video┬ásurely puts some smile on our face. Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You taps our feet too towards the dance floor.