Shah-Rukh-Khan-in-Raees-Movie-Movie-Poster-211 Here is the reason why SRK's recent release 'Raees' is banned in Pakistan. Bollywood

Raees‘ being a super hit film at the Box office in Hindi cinema has earned crores. While SRK has taken a lot of effort to promote the film which leads to many controversies┬áthe list seems to not end soon. ‘Raees’┬ámovie starring Shahrukh Khan and┬áMahira Khan who is a Pakistani artist had been predicted to have some issue which will lead to the India-Pakistan as always. After ‘Raees’ release in India, it’s them and objectivity was tested in Pakistan whether it could be released in their country or not.

In the Censor board, an official source said the movie has content which is portraying┬áMuslims in a negative sense even that the┬áfilm’s content undermines Islam and a specific religious section of the society. After the release of movie┬áHum Films, the distributors of ‘Raees’┬áhad last week submitted the film to the censor board for clearance to release in the Pakistani cinema halls. The officials have yet to confirm the ban because they have no confessed getting any official statement from censor board till now.

Raees-New-Poster-SRK-Mahira-Khan Here is the reason why SRK's recent release 'Raees' is banned in Pakistan. Bollywood


Not only “Raaes” is the one film which has been banned in Pakistan there has been a list of following in the past year and this is not a big thing although.┬áAfter the URI attack, there has always been a war like condition between India- Pak which has a negative impact on Bollywood to a great extent. Films like Ae Dil Mushkil which starred Fawad Khan had a lot of destruction on the release of the film as he is a Pakistani artist.

With “Raees”┬áat the same day Hrithik Roshan movie Kaabil had to release even that has been banned in Pakistan.┬áAnother source said that CBFC chairman Mobashir Hasan is the person who has been backing the censor board for the due action taken by them. The ban has taken it to the reason of portraying┬áa special section in wrong sense and is the film is released there may be disputes in the state.

“Dangal” which has become the highest grossing film in India is being assumed by exhibitors that the Censor Board will allow the release the movie in Pakistan.┬á”Raees” had been banned for public screening its prints but are easily available in different qualities in the DVD market so makes not a big difference of banning the film of screening it in the theaters.

We hope for the Best! Let everything be in Peace.