Over the years, Bollywood has changed with the new growing generation. Nowadays, the Bollywood stars not only perform in movies show their talent, skills and win everyone’s heart there is a lot more to all this. We all wish to live a life like the Bollywood stars their glamour, lifestyle stardom everything attracts us. It isn’t to carry this stardom with all ease and stay down to earth still. When you are a star people starting seeing them an ideal in you your walk to talk everything matters. Celebrities personal and professional life every gossips is awaited by the media.

That struggle of coming out of the airport after the jets, carrying your big bags and just waiting to get into a taxi so that you can quickly reach home and take a shower. Sounds familiar? But, our Bollywood celebrities are spotted and snapped after almost every flight they board and they just canÔÇÖt afford to look jaded. We see them taking airport fashion too seriously as it gives us an insight into how these Bollywood actresses actually dress in their daily lives which matters to them a lot. And of course we can take some tips from them to look cool and chic at the airport or we will we travel around. After all, we need to give some competition to the air hostesses, donÔÇÖt we?

1. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has just turned 23 and has got sugar all over her. She is growing in her adulthood and becoming more and more beautiful and some day the cute girl is getting mature now. Alia in a small age has won many hearts and been followed by many of her fans for her fashion. She has the best footwear collection and the most classy casuals which every girl would want in her collection. Alia’s airport pictures are just a wait too watch. With all the comfy, the jeans cloth top with the ripped jeans goes perfect.

f8015e4ac793d6dd8de9644ac2e43b97 Here are top 5 Bollywood celebrity airport outfit which makes it all a jazz. Bollywood

2. Deepika Padukone

Deepika is one of the leading female actresses in the Bollywood Film Industry. She is one of the highest paid female actress of Bollywood according to Forbes. Bollywood is not only her limits now she has also entered the Hollywood Industry. Her fashion sense is followed by many millions of her fans. In a very short span of time she has acquired a lot of success she has become fashion icon and a ideal for people. Even her airport outfits are so classy that they very soon become trend.

DSC_5176 Here are top 5 Bollywood celebrity airport outfit which makes it all a jazz. Bollywood

3. Shahid Kapoor

All that jazz about the airport outfit is because the people to matter. Shahid Kapoor who just become a daddy and is immensely in love with Mira his wife. Shahid who has his own clothing brand and is popular as a fashion icon. his fans are mad for him his looks and his fashion sense. The way he carries himself may it be whatever and his confidence reflects the way he dresses. There is no limit he is ready to try any new outfit which suits him and that is reflecting in his airport pictures.

shahid-kapoor-returns-from-madrid-after-iifa-2016-awards-201606-1467020244 Here are top 5 Bollywood celebrity airport outfit which makes it all a jazz. Bollywood

4. Ranveer Singh

Bollywood has entertained audience and the stars which have achieved it all with their hard work and talent has become popular. The stardom they have gained is respected by people and now they are becoming ideals for the audience. Ranveer Singh is one of the popular actors of Bollywood and a fashion icon. His confidence reflects with his dressing sense whatever he wears it is with all confidence. The super mario dress of his became so popular and was a perfect jacket for travelling as he is a travel bug which is not known about him.

5. Kangana Ranuat

Kangana the Himachali girl who has achieved it all by herself. She is one of the boldest actresses in Bollywood and the way she carries herself is fabulous. Whatever she has done is by her own self all the stardom she carries shows in her personality. Every where she goes she is naturally nothing is hidden about her from the media and she is proud of herself. The outfit she wears on the red carpet to the airport travel outfit reflect her as a strong independent girl.

371ca56bf3c70fc58d07a57c194aafb6 Here are top 5 Bollywood celebrity airport outfit which makes it all a jazz. Bollywood