Bollywood movies the Hindi entertainment of the country is widely spread not only in India but also in 70 other countries. It is the most highest producing films Cinema of all in the world. The music, drama, voice everything has become a part and parcel of the daily routine life. We sing a song there is Bollywood, famous dialogues of their favorite actors is what the audience loves. Over the years, the genre of the Film Production is changing. First, there was more of romantic and family movies but now the films have started having a strong motive carrying with them.

Hindi Cinema is now working with a story not only with romance, fun, thriller, comedy but also with a motive of making people aware of the wrong things happening in the society. Women who should always be respected within the society are not treated equally. The Indian society follows a very harsh stereotype of women’s and their role in a man’s life. This thinking and motivating the women is now the motive of movies which support such a cause in their story. We have independent women in our Bollywood itself who are idles of the young girls.

Here are the latest top 3 movies which will have a motive of women empowerment in their story.

1. Dangal

‘Dangal’ movie was a Big Box Office hit it earned more than 300 crore rupees. The movie of Aamir Khan in which they practice a sport ‘Wrestling‘ which is commonly known to be for Buys and not girls in the typical Indian context. This movie breaks this stereotype of this typical thinking the two daughters of Aamir join him and play wrestling. They win at the International Level of Championship and fulfill their dad’s dream of winning a gold medal for India with all respect.

maxresdefault Here are top 3 movies of Bollywood which shows the girl power and will make you proud. Bollywood

2. Pink

Pink movie is one which has a strong message to pass across every person be it a boy or girl to fight for the right. In this movie we have 3 girl friends who stay together and Amitabh Bachchan is their neighbor. Due to some accident, the girls face a problem but not being their fault they had to fight for themselves in the court. Amitabh is the supporting character he is the one who investigates on the case. Taapsee Pannu who is one of the three girls is shown bold and strong enough to handle the whole situation and fight for their justice.

3. Chak de India

Kabir Khan, who was Shahrukh Khan a former hockey star, tainted as someone who betrayed his country, begins coaching the Indian women’s national hockey team to prove his loyalty to the nation. The women’s hockey team only did not portray the fact that women are no less then men but also that we should never judge someone by their apperance. The strong team of women hockey player fight against all the nations and won the winning trophy after the tough times faced by the society and the Federation team in a country like India.

Chak Here are top 3 movies of Bollywood which shows the girl power and will make you proud. Bollywood