Bollywood superstars have been favorite of the audience and have a huge fan club. Now that the child actors are proving that there is no age limit to get famous with the talent and hard work on screen performance. While some of these kids have got the opportunity to act against the Big star actors to show their incredible talents on the screen. Today they have become more famous and recognized for the movie they did then the actors. Here are some of the actors who stole the show in the movies against superstars.

1. Darsheel Safari- Taree Zameen Par

Taree Zameen Par is a must-watch movie for ever parent with their child. If Darsheel did not stroke all the emotions out of you with his acting abilities then you can probably give up on the movie. But as a kid, he was a marvel in this movie and it was his show despite the support from Aamir Khan who plays his teacher. Mr. Perfectionist met his competition in a kid in this movie.

2.┬áSana Saeed ÔÇô Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Kuch Kuch Hota hai a debut film of director Karan Johar is an all time movie. Playing the little Anjali in the film who play cupid in her fatherÔÇÖs love story, Sana had all our attention, despite Shah Rukh and Kajol trying to give us major romantic goals. She was the real hero of the film and she pulled it off with so much ease all through the movie. Shah, on the other hand, felt like playing his supporting role. Despite Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Kajol being superstars Sana stole the movie with her innocence.

3.Harshali Malhotra ÔÇô Bajrangi Bhaijan

Salman Khan made us teary-eyed in the film with his performance but Harshali was the one running the show. She totally nailed the movie with such an innocent look on her face. Besides being adorable beyond bounds, the girl had some incredible acting talent which could make us understand all her emotion even when she acted dumb and deaf in the movie. Sorry, Salman but this was HarshaliÔÇÖs film for sure.

4.Juanna Sanghvi ÔÇô Heyy Babyy

Remember the little cute girl from Akshay Kumar’s movie. Right? the adorable baby girl. Fardeen Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh also were the actors in the movie. Well despite having a star like Akshay in the film the girl who was a little toddler then, had all our attention grabbed on the screen. It really wrenched our hearts when the trio leaves her outside in the rains and we really loved how cute she was.

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5.Ayesha Kapoor ÔÇô Black

Black was a movie which was an intellectual and serious bust was a must-watch one on the big screen. To overshadow superstar Amitabh BachchanÔÇÖs magnanimous presence in a Bollywood film is surely next to impossible. But this young lady did it with her talent and acting skills. Her performance as the little blind protagonist in Black was worth a standing ovation and with her, in the frame, you just cannot look anywhere else, let that Big B than┬áon┬áthe screen.

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