Indian Film Industry be it regional or national Bollywood has entertained the audience and left a great impact in people’s life and will continue to do so. Our daily life’s there is some part which will relate to Bollywood be it listening to song, following your favorite actors fashion trends anything there is a connection. Over the years, Bollywood has changed with the changing generation the music, the films genre everything and which is very important for every Film Director to grow the cinema. Nowadays, movies are not only to entertain us they also have some social cause messages like Ki & Ka, Pink, Udta Punjab, etc.

When we adopt some new genre and have a strong social message to give through the film it is bound to have bold acting and scenes. Film Directors have to be very precise and always need to take care whether there is nothing wrong shown which will indulge the people in bad habits or spread any wrong message. There are many controversy which takes place while shooting such films and therefore, love & family movies are easy to shoot then the movies which have a strong message to give.

Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is the board which is governing the Film Industry every film which is released has to be certified by this Board. When Udta Punjab had to released there were many interventions by the CBFC related to the scenes which was shown in the movie. They were told to cut down the scenes which had abusive languages in the film which let to a lot of controversy and the matter extended for almost a month before the release with few panel discussions. This time CBFC has intervened in the upcoming movie ‘Phillauri‘ which is supposed to release on March 24,2017.

Anushka Sharma who is the leading star of the movie with it’s second production venture Phillauri┬áthat stars Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma and Mehreen, was not released without any censor cuts. Hanumna Chalisa is read by Suraj in the film sitting in a bath tub as he is scared of the ghost and therefore is remembering god to save his life. The Hanuman Chalisa is a religious script of the Hindu community and is respected. Th religious sentiments is getting hurt when he is sitting in the washroom and reading the holy script that is not the right place.

CBFC therefore gave a notice to the Film Director of the film Phillauri to mute the voice of Hanuman Chalisa and then the can continue with the release of the film. The soundtrack had to be removed before the screening of the film in theaters all over the country. Even the scenes of slapping in the movie is not allowed for more than two times. It is heard that the CBFC has allowed only two times slapping scene in the movie any extra are too be cut-off. It is because this is motivation to violence which is not the films have to teach the audience.

Anushka-Diljit movie is released in theaters today.