Year 2016 has given us many movies to remember, but the stars landed themselves into controversies every now and then. However, there are some controversies that are etched in our minds. . While some agreed with the fact that people are becoming to sensitive about the issues, others argued that Freedom of Speech or expression should not be taken in an absolute term. Let us recall the most talked about events in the life of Bollywood stars in the year 2016

Amir Khan’s Intolerance Remark

Amir-300x200 Biggest Bollywood Controversies In 2016 Bollywood

Amir Khan made an insensitive remark, saying that there is growing intolerance in India. Only couple of days later, Amit Malviya, BJP’s IT and digital communication in -charge mentioned in a tweet that Amir Khan has been removed as brand ambassador of incredible India. He said that the contract of Amir ended and Centre has decided to rope in someone who is not meddled into controversy.

Kapil Sharma Lands Into Controversy

kapil-sharma2-300x178 Biggest Bollywood Controversies In 2016 Bollywood

Year 2016 was controversial for Kapil right from the beginning when he decided to part ways with Colors. Kapil alleged that channel wanted him to compromise with the quality. In the same year Kapil got surrounded by yet another controversy when he tweeted asking the Prime Minister about the Achche Din he promised.

Kirti Sanon Linked With Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant-300x194 Biggest Bollywood Controversies In 2016 Bollywood

Sushant broke up with his long time girlfriend Ankita Lokhande amid the rumors of him and Kirti Sanin being a couple. Both Sushant and Ankita have been shooting for their first film together and report stated that both of them went for secret vacation in Bangkok.

Rishi Kapoor Wanted Salman To Apologize

salman-rishi_640x480_71437814354-300x225 Biggest Bollywood Controversies In 2016 Bollywood

Rishi Kapoor is never afraid of the controversy and flakes that he receives and it has never stopped him from voicing his opinion. After, the controversial rape remark made by Salman Khan during the promotion of the Sultan, Rishi Kapoor tweeted that the actor needs to apologize.

Priyanka Chopra’s Photo shopped Pictures

images Biggest Bollywood Controversies In 2016 Bollywood

Priyanka Chopra released the cover of Maxim in India and her joy knew no bounds when the Maxim labelled her as The Hottest Woman in the World. However, later she drew flaks for her unnaturally smooth armpits. Several people called it ridiculous and unnatural.

Tanmay Bhatt And His Ridiculous Video

Tanmah-Bhat_PagePic-300x206 Biggest Bollywood Controversies In 2016 Bollywood

No doubt, Tanmay has gained popularity and earned fans but the ridiculous video where he roasts Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar did not go well with many. Tanmay said, “I make such nonsense on my Snapchat.” However, celebrities slammed Tanmay for this insensitive video.

Salman Khan’s Raped Woman Comment

sultan-official-trailer-300x200 Biggest Bollywood Controversies In 2016 Bollywood

We do not expect stars of Salman’s stature to make such insensitive comments. Salman Khan compared his pain with that of a raped woman while he used to get trained for Sultan. Salaman Khan was dragged into the 10 crore lawsuit filed by the Gang rape survivor in Haryana.