Ever since her debut in ÔÇÿStudent of the YearÔÇÖ, Alia Bhatt has become the sweetheart of Bollywood impressing her fans with her kick ass versatility and adorable looks. Most recently Miss Bhatt who is almost always spot on with her fashion and style (to be honest we love her in whatever she does or wears) attracted a lot of attention.

In her recent photo shoot for the cover page of Elle magazine on the occasion of their 21st Anniversary, Alia recreated her look for a particular issue. In addition, she did wear a Hatke hair style, and you know where we are going with this.

Although the young star was seen sporting a front bob fringe cut which kind of looked cute on her but it did triggered a massive flow of twitter attention.

Check out Alia Bhatt’s latest look from the recent photo shoot and tell us how did you like it?

#Some called the look inspired by a character named Will Byers from Stranger Things.

#Well 90ÔÇÖs crowd can also have nostalgia with this Katori cut look.

This post also reminded that it has been five eventful years of the charming actress in the industry and may she have a century more.

#Come on now, if you guys don’t think this is cute I don’t know what is.

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Did I mention the role of memes celebrating her look?

Have a look at these hilarious outflow of memes making this look go places.

#Wait What? If hairstyle could fix matches.

#Shakalaka Boom Boom anyone?

 Tell us in the comments below how do you like this look of Alia bhatt??