Children, the smartest creatures on the planet and the most innocent and naive. They are lovable and fun to play and talk with. Sometimes they are the naughtiest while sometimes angelic.

Just as they are fun, sometimes they are the very annoying, especially when elders tell them to do something. When children are asked to do something, either they become stubborn and donÔÇÖt do it, or they follow the instructions as it is, that is way too literally.

There are cases where the children followed instructions too literally, and it was hilarious. Children are innocent, so maybe they did not understand the exact meaning of the instruction and do it their way. If you look at it this way, they did not do wrong, but not right either. So now I will take you on a fun ride where it will be impossible for you to control your laughter and you will read about scenarios where children followed the instructions as it is.

A three-year girl was hungry and asked her mother if she can eat grapes. Her mother told her that as the grapes are many, she should only eat half of them and save the half for later. The result was amusing as the girl had eaten each grape in half.

little-girl-eat-grapes 5 Scenarios Where Children Followed Instructions Too Literally

A 4-year-old boy wanted to go outside and play, but his mother did not allow him and told him to stay inside the house. A while later she saw him lying on his stomach on the floor with feet inside the house while the rest of the body on the other side of the door. When inquired that why was he out, he replied that his feet are inside so technically he is not outside the house.

Gif_05_02_2017_11_51_09 5 Scenarios Where Children Followed Instructions Too Literally

Another funny instance was when a mother asked her son to put a glass of water in the dogÔÇÖs food plate. An hour later when the mother passed the dogÔÇÖs food plate what she saw was that food plate was as it is but a glass of water was placed beside.

Kids-Who-Take-Instructions-Too-Literally 5 Scenarios Where Children Followed Instructions Too Literally

Another teacher shared an exam paper of her student where there was a bonus question that, what country owns Greenland? And besides, it was written in brackets that ÔÇÿhint itÔÇÖs not ‘ Now guess the answer of the child; he wrote ÔÇÿNot Greenland.‘ Although one should applaud on the thinking of the child, he exactly followed the instructions and also, he got the bonus mark.

Not-Greenland 5 Scenarios Where Children Followed Instructions Too Literally

Another girl gave her younger sister to use the deodorant. She read on the back. It was written to spray 15cm away from the place you are putting on deodorant. What the girl did as she took the ruler and measured 15cm and placed the deodorant exactly 15 cm away and then sprayed. When the elder sister saw, she could not stop laughing.

girl-gave-her-younger-sister-to-use-the-deodorant 5 Scenarios Where Children Followed Instructions Too Literally

These were just some of the scenarios, but there are many cases where the children were just too funny. ItÔÇÖs not that the children are deliberately doing these things, but itÔÇÖs just their innocence that makes them do it. Love and cherish your children as they are a precious.